Lucia Mărneanu  Mural painting workshop (for children aged  8- 14 years)

@Petronela Murg

Lucia has so far lead mural painting workshops within the program Give colour to your school/”Dă culoare școlii tale” (a participatory art project  on the topic of human rights organized for schools by the Komunitas Association), as well as within the 2nd edition of the Telciu Summer School, when she worked together with pupils from the Technological Highschool in Telciu. Building upon her previous experience, she will organize yet a new mural painting workshop at Telciu this year, with the aim of decorating the walls of a kindergarten. The workshop will last for 2 weeks and will be structured as it follows: the first module, lasting for 2 days, will get the children acquainted with the history, techniques, and materials used when doing mural painting. By making available for them documentaries, projections and art albums, Lucia will introduce the participating pupils to the works of various artists, from Diego Rivera, to Banksy, and to Keith Haring. A second module will see the children having the free hand, and deciding, over a period of 5 days, on a collective sketch for the future mural painting. In the meantime, Lucia will take note of the ideas proposed by the pupils and will transform them into the backbone of the painting, directly on the wall of the kindergarten. In preparation for the third and final module, the children will receive the necessary materials and for a week will complete the painting at the chosen kindergarten. All materials and tools will be provided by the organizers.

Vlad Petri
An introductory workshop of documentary film making for the youth from the Telciu village and neighboring localities, 14-24 years.

@Petronela Murg

The workshop proposes to familiarize the participants with the basic documentary film notions, starting from how to captivate reality trough the intermediation of images and sounds, to notions of assemblage and post-production. We will discuss the role of documentaries in the current context, the social power of the media and the necessity of alternative means of information dissemination. We will do exercises and will document diverse situations from the immediate reality. We will talk about the democratization of the means of production, we will put our phones and cameras to work.

Maria Brudașcă
& Tiberiu BleoancăNarrative drawing and clay modeling workshop (for the children and young adults of Telciu and neighboring villages, 8-16 years old).

@Petronela Murg

Narrative drawing workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to familiarize children with drawing as language through the introduction of the basic notions in drawing – point, spots, line, form, color, as well as basic notions in composition through experimenting various techniques – drawing, watercolor, collage. After this introductory first part, these absorbed notions will be employed to illustrate a story fabricated by each of the participants, with the help of some examples from books and comics. Materials needed: paper, pencils, charcoal, colored pencils/pens, watercolors, paintbrushes, water containers, collage materials, scissors, glue.

Clay modeling workshop

The purpose of the workshop is the development and stimulation of aesthetic abilities through manual work with the help of a material at everyone’s disposal, easily obtainable: clay. The aim is to teach some basic notions of the understanding of volume in space with the help of abstraction through elements of plastic language: point, line, form. Notions such as light, shadow, full-empty, dark-light, etc. will be explained through various methods of composition and construction, rhythms, modules, color, textures. On the basis of existent sketches, we will proceed to making some decorative ceramic objects, figurines, etc. Placing the ceramic objects in space will also be considered. Materials needed: clay, 2-3 kg of clay for each participant, acrylic colors. Instruments: wood embossers, paintbrushes, cloths, water containers.  All materials are provided for free by the organizers.

Ion Bragă și Călin Hădâmbuț
–  Musical improvisation workshop with traditional instruments (wind instruments, mouth harp, drums, etc.)