Workshops and discussions

Feminist workshop to discuss the manifesto ‘Feminism for the 99%’

Feminism shouldn’t be about how many women get to the top, breaking glass ceilings to become CEOs or presidents. Feminism should be about the unpaid labour provided by most women inside the home. And about the badly paid labour provided also mainly by women in so-called women’s professions: cleaning services, care for the elderly, nurseries, kindergartens. Why much of this difficult and never-ending work is paid with love and admiration, but not money? Who profits from it, mainly men or mainly the rich? Or perhaps even other women? How is violence, at home and at the workplace, used to keep women “in their place”? What is it like to be both woman and from an ethnic minority? Following a short presentation of the manifesto ‘Feminism for the 99%’, we will discuss these matters and exchange stories by and about women.

Oana Uiorean is a writer. She raises children, mainly in Brussels, and sometimes helps organise women’s strikes.