THE MIRACLE OF CLUJ  (direction: DAVID SCHWARTZ, with: Oana Mardare, Lucia Mărneanu, Denisse Moise, Doru Mihai Taloş; Dramaturgy: Petro Ionescu; Muzica: Krisztina Sipos; Scenography: Anda Pop; Illustrations: Lucia Mărneanu; Video: Daniel Răduțu)











The Miracle of Cluj is a theatre performance and it is included in Democracy exercises. Investigating the recent history project made by REACTOR of Creation and Experiment. Having a miraculous aura of “Everything is possible”, the performance brings up on stage the story of the pyramid scheme named Caritas from the ’90s. Step by step, the political and social dimension behind this phenomenon is revealed, showing how the scheme expanded on a national scale.(source:


ȚUHAUS (direction: CLAUDIU LORAND MAXIM; with and by: Vlad Bălteanu, Mișa Dumitriu, Alexandra Horghidan, Andrada Lăutaru, Lorand Maxim, Alexandru Potocean, Andrei Șerban, Alexandra Voivozeazu; production: Reciproca, Asociația ADO, MACAZ Teatru Bar Coop)



2017 marks 20 years since the most massive protests in the Romanian penitentiary system took place – where thousands of imprisoned people refused food and challenged the detention conditions. Today the allegations are similar. At the beginning of the year, with the rising tide of anti-corruption, the prison system problems became secondary and the difficulties faced by over 25,000 convicted people were ignored. Ţuhaus blames the detention conditions, and the conditions people from behind  the bars have to face. Therefore, Ţuhaus is an invitation to reflect on how criminalization, guilt and punishment are understood and operated by contemporary society..(source:

SCHOOL ERA MEMORIES (direction: RADU APOSTOL; Text: Mihaela Michailov; Distribution: Katia Pascariu, Alexandru Potocean; Scenography: Maria Mandea; Coreography: Paul Dunca; Muzica: Jak Neumann; a co-production with A.D.O.  Association (Art for human rights) and The Comedy Theatre




If every single child could speak freely without being scared of mistakes, if Miorița would not be always about transhumance, if history  would not be written by those who have the power, if hypotenuses, catheters, Horea, Cloșca and Crișan, the plains and the plateaus, the Dacians and the Romans, Ana with her apples and Călin (Fairy Tale Pages) would meet somewhere in our minds, if we would understand why we’re learning all this, then maybe school will be more about each of us. About the stories and questions, which do not have a place in school, where what we are learning does not represent us at all. About everything we feel and think within institutions which often want us behaved, trained and obedient.  School Era Memories is a performance about remembering fragments of a personal history, of the meetings with ourselves as little ones, ourselves in school, in benches, at the blackboard, with our fears, mistakes, silences, and expectations, with the minutes in which we were daydreaming green horses on the walls of classrooms where our professors would make us stand up for not paying attention. Because we did not solve the equation. Because we did not give the right answer. Because we spoke without being asked. Because we looked at the moon instead of looking at the blackboard.