THE GREAT SHAME (direction and script: ALINA ȘERBAN; assistant director: Radu Pocovnicu; with: Alina Șerban, Oana Rusu, Elena Duminică, Sorin Sandu, Radu Ciobănașu)

@Dilema Veche

As the project of the theatre company ‘Povești nespuse/Untold Stories’, the show has its national premiere in February 2018.  The initiator of the project, Alina Șerban – actress, playwright, director, and president of the company, explains that ‘The Great Shame’ marks the ‘first theatre project directed by a Roma woman from Romania and the first play on the history of Roma slavery and its contemporary social implications, based on historical and social research in the field’.  The show tells the story of a young Roma masters student who proposes to her supervisor the topic of Roma slavery. ‘The Great Shame’ is meant to start discussions and to encourage communication and a mutual familiarisation between non-Roma and the Roma minority.  Representations of ‘The Great Shame’ are organised with an interactive educational stake –  to be then followed by a question and answer session. Alina Șerban and her team want to bring to the forefront undiscussed topics and, simultaneously, organising a performance in the Roma communities. Thus, ‘The Great Shame’, has a double approach: on the one hand, it aims to pull the wider audience closer to undiscussed topics about the Roma minority, on the other hand, it aims to pull the Roma audience closer to relevant theatre productions. With this educational cultural project, the ‘Povești nespuse/Untold Stories’ Association  proposes to  whet the audience’s appetite for this Roma-Romanian intercultural dialogue, through artistical productions that they will continue to launch in the public space.

(direction: DAVID SCHWARTZ, with: Oana Mardare, Lucia Mărneanu, Denisse Moise, Doru Mihai Taloş; Dramaturgy: Petro Ionescu; Muzica: Krisztina Sipos; Scenography: Anda Pop; Illustrations: Lucia Mărneanu; Video: Daniel Răduțu)

ȚUHAUS (direction: CLAUDIU LORAND MAXIM; with and by: Vlad Bălteanu, Mișa Dumitriu, Alexandra Horghidan, Andrada Lăutaru, Lorand Maxim, Alexandru Potocean, Andrei Șerban, Alexandra Voivozeazu; production: Reciproca, Asociația ADO, MACAZ Teatru Bar Coop)


SCHOOL ERA MEMORIES (direction: RADU APOSTOL; Text: Mihaela Michailov; Distribution: Katia Pascariu, Alexandru Potocean; Scenography: Maria Mandea; Coreography: Paul Dunca; Muzica: Jak Neumann; a co-production with A.D.O.  Association (Art for human rights) and The Comedy Theatre