‘School, school, do not die!’ is a residency that has at its centre the making of an educational rural theatre project, which proposes to document the local history of education, an investigation through artistic means of the history of education in Telciu.  In a social and political context in which rural education is continuously attacked – growing school abandonment, school closures, child commute – the theatre artists Mihaela Michailov and Katia Pascariu aim to explore through theatre the major changes in rural education from the perspective of the ‘geography of education’ of Telciu.  The artists, together with students from Telciu, will create a series of workshops involving plays and exercises, personal stories, and aiming to archive and document the diverse stages that marked the evolution/involution of education in Telciu.  Together with the participating students,  the two artists will interview people of different ages in Telciu in order to analyse what the school structure was and looked like in their time and how it changed in the past 50 years.  At this moment, there is no theatrical research on rural education, nor any performative attempt at highlighting the structural transformations that have affected rural education. Therefore, this approach with a relevance both in anthropology and theatre can become a generator of artistic practices through which the topic of rural education could acquire a shape in the concerns of contemporary artists.