Principles and rules of engagement


  1. The Telciu Summer School is grounded on the practice of equality. This entails that we understand the School and your stay at Telciu to be an opportunity to enact equality towards everyone else, regardless of economic status, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, education level, etc.. You have the chance to engage in this way with the people in the village, the other participants, the organizing team, as well as the lecturers. We encourage you to take this opportunity to enact equality in all your social interactions while at Telciu, this being an opportunity for you to leave behind the constructed, vertical social hierarchies.
  2. The purpose of the Summer School is learning and knowledge sharing, from a decolonial standpoint. We understand any interaction and activity you can participate in during the Summer School to be such an opportunity – this includes not just the lectures and workshops, but also your interactions with everybody you encounter here – locals, participants, lecturers, organizing team and so on. This means you can engage freely in interactions with whoever you encounter, learn with them and share your knowledge – we trust this will enhance both your theoretical as well as practical decolonial experiences.
  3. We wish to foment critical thinking by inviting everyone to observe the ways in which their thinking informs their actions, and to be self-critical about their conduct.
  4. We create a space where free expression is valued, always when accompanied by critical and ethical reflection. Hate speech or any other kind of discursive violence/ violent discourse will not be tolerated.
  5. We take a feminist stand in that we acknowledge that all human experiences carry political relevance, gender being one of the cutting lines which underlies the perpetuation of inequality among people.
  6. We struggle for autonomy and dignity and also for the possibility of exercising the right to have opinions and listen to those who have been disavowed and silenced.
  7. We encourage the dialogue between what is present and what is absent and also we are interested in intercultural dialogues that help to share different perspectives and practices.

Rules of engagement

  1. Please keep in mind that Telciu is a village, which entails that the impact of the Summer School being organized there is significant for the locals. We are visitors in the place where they live and should not produce disturbances in their daily life. This entails being aware of the effects of our actions at all times, and particularly in public and shared areas such as village center, streets, sidewalks, hills, markets/shops, and so on.
  2. We expect that you treat all common areas and shared living spaces as an extension of your home and manage it in the same way. Tidiness and cleanliness are necessary in order to ensure that the space remains available for everyone else to use.
  3. In most types of shared living spaces and common areas (camping site, classroom, shared houses, etc.), everyone will be equally responsible for looking after the space – this means that you do not leave your things or garbage behind and leave everything as you found it, or improved.
  4. The tent area is an outdoors, common living area with no soundproof isolation which you are sharing with other participants, some of them may be accompanied by children or infants. Please keep quiet between 22:00 and 8:00 so that everyone who wishes so may sleep.
  5. We do not condone the use of illegal substances/recreational drugs. Using such substances within the public space during the Summer School, as well during your entire stay in Telciu, will result in a first warning, followed by expulsion should the situation repeat itself.
  6. Please approach the organizing team if the Rules of engagement of the Telciu Summer School are blatantly broken, either in relation to you or other individuals. This includes, but it is not limited to discrimination in all its forms (sexism, racism, classism, etc.), sexual harassment, and in general any form of violence. Such behavior will be followed by a first warning, followed by expulsion should the situation repeat itself.

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