Performance: Misplaced Women?


Misplaced Women? is an art project by Tanja Ostojic, Berlin-based internationally renowned performance and interdisciplinary artist of Serbian origin. The project consists of performances, performance series, workshops and delegated performances, ongoing since 2009, including contributions by international artists, students and people from diverse backgrounds. Within this project, they embody and enact everyday life activities that signify a displacement as common to transients, migrants, war and disaster refugees, as it is to the itinerant artists travelling the world to earn their living.

The project in Telciu will consist of the artist’s presentation on the 14th of August, where the participants will be able to learn more about the art project and its goals, as well as about the workshop the following day (the 15th of August). The presentation will be therefore an invitation to participate in the project, sign up for the workshop, and think through the possible contributions one can make to the performance. The workshop is open to those who sign up to it beforehand and who want to be implicated into the project. The workshop encourages participants to share their stories and come up with ways of displaying experiences of the vulnerability of the mobile female body in relation to migration, desired mobility, and diverse power structures. In case of interest the workshop can be extended, performances organised, and the experiences shared on the blog of the project:


Tuesday, August 14

15:00 – TANJA OSTOJIĆ (Berlin, Germany) – Misplaced Women? Artist’s  Presentation

Wednesday, August 15

15:00 – TANJA OSTOJIĆ (Berlin, Germany) – Misplaced Women? Workshop (15-20 participants)