2020 edition

After long and thoughtful consideration, and numerous meetings and consultations we had online, both with the organizing team, and with the scientific board of the Telciu Summer School, we have heavy-heartedly come to the decision that this year’s edition will not take place. Our first and main concern was and continues to be the local community in Telciu, and in particular not adding to the current risks by travelling in large numbers to the village. Additionally, we are unable to predict which restrictions will still be in place by August, in terms of domestic and international travelling, or how the authorities in Romania will understand limiting the number of people allowed to gather in the same space, or for how long they will maintain the current physical distancing measures.

We are very much looking forward to returning to Telciu and welcoming you all – professors, participants, partners and friends – for the 5th edition of the Telciu Summer School. However, given the current global circumstances, we believe it is best to save the date for next year, when we will hopefully be able to meet in Telciu and share a week-long of courses, stories and many wonderful experiences!  

The Telciu Summer Conferences are taking place this year, in a hybrid form, allowing speakers to participate both live and online. We are still considering if the educational and artistic activities with children can all be transformed in online workshops, or if any other solutions are available. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions in place at the moment, the communitarian and artistic activities implying the presence of a large audience will not take place (theater plays, etc.). We will keep you updated as we go on deciding on the specific activities! 

Take care of yourselves and your communities! See you next year in Telciu!